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Solvent and Acid Chemical Stain

Acid stained Concrete NJA permanent coloring method that improves aesthetic appearance of new or existing surfaces. Chemical Stain can be used in both interior and exterior applications.
Bomanite Chemical Stains are water and acid solutions of metallic salts formulated to "color etch" new or existing concrete surfaces.

Rather than a single finish, as a color hardened surface provides, Bomanite Chemical Stains produce a mottling of color tones that are directly affected by the substrate. Variations in color are expected and are usually the reason for using this coloring technique.

On new projects, concrete may also be colored using Bomanite Color Hardener or Bomanite Integral Color, which will further expand the Bomanite Chemical Stain palette.

To the right: Acid stained floor with bands of white concrete creates this unique look.

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